Sarah Austin is one part product manager, one part data scientist, one part marketer, and 100% entrepreneur.

Sarah Austin is an American entrepreneur. Outside of Silicon Valley she’s known for reality TV as the entrepreneur on Startups Silicon Valley on NBC’s Bravo! network. Inside Silicon Valley she’s well known for bridging Hollywood, content, media, and crypto. She’s a rare marketer with experience moving markets by way of narrative creation and successful communication campaigns. She’s been awarded for her marketing campaigns by ad age campaign of the year and her ability to quickly create high-quality content that aids in narrative and brand building.


As a spokesperson, Sarah combines crowd appeal with the ability to deliver messaging. She has the rare talent to adapt her look for whichever audience she is attempting to reach. This has enabled her to be not only a consultant on marketing, but appear in creatives for PayPal, SalesForce, Ford, Virgin America, General Motors, ClearChannel and Microsoft.
Sarah has appeared on billboards in Times Square, TV commercials, accelerated Social Media campaigns, started on TV shows, and even went on tour with Lady Gaga for various blue chip brands. Her work has won awards from and has been recognized by many magazines including Wired and Advertising Week’s campaign of the year.

Delta Summit

At the 2019 Delta Summit in Malta, Sarah spoke about Web2 and the future of Web3. She has codified decades worth of mass communication and content understanding into a meta-layer that’s the interoperable protocol to connect worlds of DeFi, Meta, NFTs and rewards points. Bridging Web2 to Web3 will empower users to use their time, attention, and behavior to earn rewards and incentives, save money and achieve financial success. Web3 aims to be a meritocracy through decentralized permissionless software, Open source trustless technology and incentive structures that drive P2P usage. it’s about creating an equal opportunity for financial success by rewarding users for their usage and contributors for their contributions.

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