A pioneer in digital marketing, Sarah was the first online video personality to have sponsored content and sell ad space in a live video stream. Sarah was one of the first content marketers, gaming trends in news and search to garner traffic for her videos; she may also have created one of the first “splogs” on the Internet generating 25M video views.
Working with TBWA, when they were first entering the digital space, Sarah developed the “NY-Z” short Facebook film concept for Absolut Vodka which was then directed by Jay-Z. The campaign debuted to a sold out Madison Square Garden audience of over 18,000 live attendees. The campaign was one of the first to leverage real time social media, live video, and an event venue simultaneously.
Sarah served as social media and digital marketing advisor to enterprise companies like Intel developing digital initiatives for events such as the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and the Intel Developers Forum. These enterprise clients have benefited from curriculum and brand guidelines for social interactions to create a unified message and vocabulary across initiatives.
These early innovations in digital, and her visibility in multiple industries is why Advertising Week has chosen her to host a stage at their annual New York event the past 2 years.

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