Good decisions are made from good data. Good data is made from people you can trust. Sarah trusts herself. The more removed you are from data, the more untrustworthy it is. Because Sarah is able to do her own data science, she knows the limitations and biases of the data when she gets it.
The problem with using data from third parties is that you often don’t know how the collection process worked. For example, if someone polled “do you prefer the new body style of the Ford Mustang or the Chevy Corvette?” But they did the polling outside the Ford motor plant then that data is not trustworthy. Growth Hacking is often about knowing your audience, what they want, and how many of them there are. It is also about how much of your potential audience the competition has already captured to know how difficult it will be to compete in the space. All of the marketing decisions are driven by this data.
Sarah holds a B.A. in Business Strategy from Dominican University of California, is a John Hopkins University Certified Data Scientist, and was one of the first to complete Stanford’s New Media Studies program.

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