As a Product Manager, Sarah has 4 years of experience shipping products. She has authored patents, white papers, and contributed to documentation. Currently, she is the author of two patents pending, one 98 page white paper, and contributor to several products she has shipped, all relating to Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Managing developer departments, business development and sales, and UI/UX departments on the entire product lifecycle, Sarah knows how to hack on her feet. As an avid technologist, she is able to ask the right questions to prioritize for tight deadlines. It takes more than her understanding of the professional Scrum framework, but major product launches that give a her credibility in her practices in responding to situations that are massively challenging.

At Seyyer Inc. in Feb 2012-Aug 2013, Sarah managed creating the first, cognitive video virtual assistant platform by blending video recorded facial micro expressions, human gesturing recognition, and voice recognition, she lead Seyyer to create a realistic human video avatar of herself. The artificial intelligence AI platform, Seyyer, enables anyone to create their own avatars of themselves creating a new level of personalization for users. As the first avatar, Sarah managed shipment of the product as her own personal AI avatar for YouTube as an advertising solution to branded video entertainment and content marketing.

Sarah was recruited to join Stremor Corp for co-founder equity and status as Chief Product Officer in a company with a series A already funded in Phoenix, Arizona. She was brought on for her expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to virtual assistant products in order to manage a team of developers building a Siri and Google Now competitor. Technology wise, this product is hugely ambitious for a startup. Powering the technology with her Natural Language Processing technology engine similar to Wolfram Alpha, she lead the team to ship Plexi for Windows, before Microsoft released Cortana.

In July 2014, Sarah started a growth marketing firm where she operates as one part product manager, one part data scientist, and one part marketer, along with her team to build and and licence her SaaS products for SEO, content marketing, competitive analysis, and business intelligence. Currently she is managing enterprise apps, websites, and building products at Peak Energies, where she is responsible for 10 Billion pageviews a year, a number that only a handful of firms in the world can claim they grow at scale. Many of her clients credit her with 10x-30x their traffic after using Sarah’s full stack technology applied to Big Data to grow their enterprise and consumer traffic.

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